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Buffalo Wild Wings

5062 Dressler Rd. NW Canton, Ohio 44718
Wednesdays, 8pm & 9pm (330) 491-2999


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1st Place in Each Round - $20 Gift Card
2nd Place in Each Round - $10 Gift Card


8pm & 9pm
Host: Paul
Hosting since May 2018

As a professor of communication, Paul is your host with the most on trivia night! Paul lives with his wife and daughter in Massillon and enjoys traveling, watching movies, and spending time with family.

Most Recent Final Questions

Game 1
Which eastern U.S. state capital has a population of around 50,000, is the most-populous city in its state, and lies at the confluence of the Elk River and Kanawha River?
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Charleston, WV
Game 2
What Spanish explorer is credited as the first European to see the Pacific Ocean from the New World, doing so from modern-day Panama in 1513. He is also the namesake of a major park located in Southern California.
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Vasco Núñez de Balboa

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