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Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill

2290 NW Allie Ave Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Mondays, 7:30pm & 8:30pm (503) 336-0403
League Division: Travel Season: Spring/Summer 2018


7:30pm & 8:30pm
Host: Isaac W.
Hosting since Feb 2018
Monday Venue Tournament: Jul 23, 2018

Monday Scoreboard

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< Week 4: May 14 - May 20 >
Teams Score Total League Pts
Jehovah Witness Protection Program 115 451 15
DamnItFeelsGoodToBeAGangsta 109 318 12
Cacher In The Why 96 313 9
Current as of 4:07pm EST May 20, 2018
y - Qualified for Venue Tournament


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1st Place in Each Round - $25 Gift Card
2nd Place in Each Round - $15 Gift Card

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Monday Final Qs

Game 1

What 2014 film directed by Rob Marshall, which received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress, Best Production Design, and Best Costume Design, was adapted from a 1987 Broadway musical of the same name?
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Game 2

Of the elements on the periodic table that have exactly five letters in their names, which one has the highest atomic number?
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