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Oscar's Sports & Grill

6877 S State St, Suite D Saline, Michigan 48176
Saturdays, 9pm & 10pm (734) 429-7700
League Division: Michigan - West Season: Summer/Fall 2017


9pm & 10pm
Host: Dizzy Lizzy
Hosting since Dec 2012
Saturday Venue Tournament: Nov 18, 2017

Saturday Scoreboard

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< Week 1: Aug 14 - Aug 20 >
Teams Score Total League Pts
More Beer Less Pants 106 106 15
Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods 99 99 12
One is the Loneliest Number 87 87 9
Whitmore Lake Wizards 75 75 6
The Jumbo Shrimp 53 53 3
The Aviators 27 27 1
Current as of 6:07pm EST Aug 22, 2017
y - Qualified for Venue Tournament


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League Prizes

The Summer/Fall 2017 season awards a total prize pool of $3,000 at the League Championships on December 2nd, 2017.

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Saturday Final Qs

Game 1

Located on the Columbia River, what dam is the largest hydroelectric power producing facility in the United States, and has a reservoir called Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake, named after FDR, who presided over the authorization and completion of the dam?
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Game 2

In 2014, what celebrity launched a men's clothing line called "My Addiction", complete with images of herself on some pieces?
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