Add trivia nights to your bar and increase profits!

Since 2009, bar owners have turned to Sporcle to host a fun,
engaging and profitable trivia night. Trivia is all we do and we go
above and beyond to do it better than anyone else.
Sporcle Live is the go-to name in pub trivia.
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The Sporcle Live Difference
Engaging Hosts
Photo of Robear

Robear Detroit, Michigan

Photo of Reed Rockwell

Reed Rockwell Toledo, Ohio


Baibi Vegners Minneapolis, MN

Our hosts have a vested interest in the growth of your show because they earn more as your show and revenue grows. The more people they get back to your show the more money they can make. Your trivia host represents your establishment and we will only send top notch talent.
  • All hosts go through auditions and extensive training.
  • Bring all the sound equipment and game supplies needed for your show.
  • Dedicated social media pages used to promote your show.
  • Manage and run the show so you don't have to, allowing you to focus on your business.
Unique Game Format
Sporcle Logo
Two Rounds
Pub Champions Trivia League
The Best Content
We have a full-time content team that writes, edits, researches, and fact checks all of our questions. Each game includes engaging general, visual, and audio questions. Music is played in between questions to entertain your patrons as they play.
Back to Back Games
In contrast to most of our competitors, we offer two, back to back games, each lasting one hour, with prizes rewarded after each round. This allows more chances to win and for late comers to join in at anytime.
Pub Champions Trivia League
At the end of each season, your bar will run a Venue Tournament where the winning team advances to the League Championship to compete for big cash prizes. And, it’s all free!
Pricing That Works For Your Bar
Bars enjoy Sporcle's unique 'pay-per-player' pricing. We only charge for the number of patrons who actually play at your show - there is a minimum and a maximum - but we believe you should pay a price that is more reflective of the revenue you see on your night of trivia. Since 2009, we have hosted over 50,000 trivia nights across the country. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining partnerships that result in significant increases in sales.

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