Pub Champions Trivia League Official Rules

The Pub Champions Trivia League let’s your team compete for trivia supremacy and a share of nearly $30,000 in cash prizes each season! Once you’re registered (it’s free to sign up!), write your league ID number on your scorecard each time that you play and provide it to your trivia host. Your score will be tracked, as simple as that!

Each regular trivia season is 13 Weeks and has a Venue Tournament at each Sporcle Live venue during Week 14 crowning the Venue Champion. To qualify for a Venue Tournament, your team must log scores at a minimum 50% of the games hosted at your venue during the Regular 13 Week Season. The winning team from each Venue Tournament advances to compete in that division’s League Championship. League Championships crown the League Champion and award large cash prizes as well as the Pub Champions Trophy!

Each participating venue in the Pub Champions Trivia League is designated a League Division. To find out your competing venue’s division, visit your venue’s location and scoreboard page or the league’s division homepage.

While the Pub Champions Trivia League is free for you to join and compete for large cash prizes, we do ask that you kindly support our partnered venues while participating by ordering drinks and/or food while playing. Thank you!

Regular Season Scoring

Each time your team plays at a venue, you’ll earn points in that venue’s standings. These points are based on where your team finishes among other league teams at that same game. Scores include all the points earned at the game, including final questions. Your cumulative score for each night determines your league points. You can check your score on your venue's location page.

Nightly Scoring

1st2nd3rd4th5th6 and below
15 points12 points9 points6 points3 points1 point

*Please note: For your team to have scores registered in the standings you must be a registered league team and provide your nightly host your league number. Any scoring discrepancies with League Standings must be emailed to within 2 weeks of the score in question.

Venue Tournaments

Venue Tournaments take place during Week 14 of the season. Any team that registers scores at a minimum 50% of the games hosted during the Regular 13 Week Season (at the same venue) qualifies for that Venue’s Tournament. The team with the highest combined score of both rounds (Game 1 & Game 2) during their Venue Tournament is crowned Venue Champion and advances to their division’s League Championship.

Just as there’s an advantage in professional sports playoffs for the top regular season teams, there’s an advantage during Sporcle Live’s Venue Tournament Week for each venue’s top performers. During the Week 14 Venue Tournament, teams will start the game with a predetermined number of points, based on where each team finished in the regular season standings. These are called Tournament Points. Any team that finishes in the Top 7 in their venue’s regular season standings have the following Tournament Points added to their Venue Tournament score.

Tournament Points

15 points10 points5 points4 points3 points2 points1 point

There aren’t visual rounds or audio clips during Sporcle Live’s Venue Tournament Week. Cell phone use is not permitted outside of specified breaks and will result in automatic point deduction or disqualification. Teams may not exceed 5 players playing at any given time during Venue Tournament Week however may swap players in or out at intermission before Round Two’s (Game 2) categories are read.

Please Note: In divisions of less than 15 participating venues, the top two teams at each Venue Tournament advance to their division’s League Championship. Ask your host for clarification if needed or email

All winning teams of Venue Tournaments must RSVP within 24 hours of winning their Venue Tournament to reserve their spot at League Championships.

League Championships

League Championships take place Week 15 and are one championship game consisting of 2 rounds of 10 Questions, 2 Mystery Rounds, and one Final Question that teams may wager 0 - 30 points.

Similar to Venue Tournaments there aren’t visual rounds or audio clips during League Championships as well as cell phone use is prohibited outside of specified breaks. Cell phone use during the game will result in automatic point deduction or disqualification.

Due to seating capacity, team sizes may not exceed 5 players at League Championships however teams may swap players in or out in between rounds.

Locations, past scores, or competing teams can be located here for all League Championships.

championship photo

Bar Hop

The Top 10 teams in applicable divisions that simply play Sporcle Live the most at any combination of venues during the season, who also didn’t win a Venue Tournament, advance to the Bar Hop Championship. The winning team at each Bar Hop Championship receives a $100 Cash Prize and advances as the “last team” invited to their division’s League Championship.

Please note, for smaller divisions that don’t have Bar Hop Championships the Top 5 teams in Bar Hop Standings at the end of each season advance directly to League Championships. Check Bar Hop standings here for applicable divisions.

Teams may earn a maximum 1 Bar Hop point per evening that their team participates during each Regular 13 Week League Season.

League FAQ's

Please review general league FAQ’s HERE as well as FAQ’s related to the rules of the PCTL. We expect all of our league players to participate with proper league integrity and etiquette. While we encourage the spirit of competition our main objective is to have fun. Phone use while questions are asked, logging multiple scores at multiple shows on the same night, or using Ken Jennings specifically as a ringer during Tournament Week is prohibited. Inappropriate team participation related to the league rules will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If your team needs clarification of a rule please reach out to

Season Dates

Summer/Fall 2018

Regular Season Venue Tournament Week League Championships
August 13 - November 11 November 12 - November 18 December 1

Winter/Spring 2019

Regular Season Venue Tournament Week League Championships
January 2 - March 31 April 1 - April 7 April 14

Spring/Summer 2019

Regular Season Venue Tournament Week League Championships
April 22 - July 21 July 22 - July 28 August 4
* Bar Hop Championships - Friday, November 30th, 2018
* Due to a scheduling conflict, Ohio East's League Championship is December 9th, 2018.

Prize Pools

This season the PCTL is giving away $25,950. Check your division's cash pool breakdown below.

Illinois ($2,000 Cash Pool)


Michigan - Central ($2,500 Cash Pool)


Michigan - East ($2,500 Cash Pool)


Michigan - Southeast ($2,500 Cash Pool)


Michigan - West ($2,000 Cash Pool)


Minnesota ($2,000 Cash Pool)


Ohio - Central ($1,700 Cash Pool)


Ohio - East ($3,000 Cash Pool)


Ohio - West ($2,500 Cash Pool)


Texas ($2,000 Cash Pool)


Washington ($2,000 Cash Pool)


Wisconsin ($1,250 Cash Pool)


Travel Division

Any team that wins a Venue Tournament in the Travel Division wins a cash prize of $100 and may travel to any League Championship of their choosing to compete for larger cash prizes.

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