You Should Be...

Entertaining and Engaging

Do you enjoy socializing? Are you able to let loose and throw a memorable party? Our hosts naturally connect well with our players and venues, but they also work hard to build their audience through social media and other creative methods. Building relationships in your community is vital to the success of your show.


Are you steady as a rock or do you waver in your commitments? Our top notch trivia emcees consistently deliver for their fans by creating a fun playing environment. People in your community will look forward to attending your show so take pride in your preparation and attendance.

Able to Self-Manage

You'll be expected to prep for your show (reviewing questions), build an engaging playlist to be played at your show, arrive 30 minutes before start time, host an engaging, rocking, high energy and spirited two-hour trivia show, thank your fans, and do it consistently the next week. If you haven't seen a show, we suggest you visit one before applying.

You Will Be...

Paid to Have Fun

Stardom, fame, new friends, and cold hard cash. This is the one of the best part time jobs you could have. Our hosts make a minimum of $50 per night, however, hosts that work hard to build an audience can earn $75-100 per show based on attendance and the number of shows they entertain weekly. In addition, there are other perks and compensation opportunities for our employees once hired that our hosts enjoy.

Given All the Support to Succeed

We provide all training, audio equipment (you must provide your own laptop), game supplies, game content, marketing, compensation, and a forum for you to entertain the masses. We want you to succeed and will provide you the tools to do so.

The Best Bar Trivia, The Best Trivia Hosts

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Sporcle Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

Hear It from Our Hosts

Don’t think for a second that some guy or gal just stands there and asks questions. You have to put in effort. Trivia is a component, but you are the entertainment. The music, the comedy, the Trebek all rolled up in a tiny orange orb. It’s what brings the people back to see you.

And the more people show, the bigger the fun!"

Robert “Robear” Everett

Detroit, Michigan | hosting since 2012


I’ve made new friends and learned a lot about how to multitask, problem-solve, and be a better entertainer. It sounded like a good way to make some extra money, and it was so much fun I’m still doing it many years later!"

Baibi Vegners

Minneapolis, MN | hosting since 2014


Hosting gives us the platform to bring a room of 100 people together through a shared activity. We get to express our creativity through customized playlists and quips between questions, become an integral part of patrons’ nights, and witness an entire bar go from dead silence to eruption after an answer is read. And as the icing on the cake, we are initiated into a family of other hosts across the country who share the same passion."

John Tabler

Dallas, Texas | hosting since 2016


What I always tell anyone about hosting is that it’s like being out and working with the public and getting the best of it all - without having to clean up or restock the bar! You get to help people enjoy their night and be a bridge to help people get to know each other. We’ve all had those moments where our teams interact with one another, like “How’d you know THAT?” Sporcle Live is just a happy melting pot and an escape from everything that’s going wrong."

Abby Bates

Columbus, Ohio | hosting since 2017


I've met so many new friends through hosting trivia that I wouldn't know otherwise. Hosting gives me a good reason to act like a goof in front of crowds, and in the process make tons of people happy. I love when I'm out in public on my nights off and people go "Hey! You're the trivia guy!", because they always sound super happy when they say it."

Calen Bruce

Toledo, Ohio | hosting since 2012


I really enjoy entertaining my players and making them laugh. I love it when they get excited over a song I'm playing, or a question they know right off the bat! I enjoy getting to know the teams and each of the players, so when new teams sign up, they see that they're not only playing Sporcle trivia for a night, but they're making friends too!"

Molly Hubbard

Seattle, Washington | hosting since 2016


The things I like most about hosting trivia are all about people. I get to make new friends with staff at the venues, and I get to meet new people on a weekly basis and have a genuinely fun time with them. I love hearing the reactions of the crowd and talking with players after the game."

Charlie Edwards

Ann Arbor, Michigan | hosting since 2012


The feeling you get when a team doesn’t initially want to play, but ends up taking home first place after having a blast that’s what makes me love hosting trivia. Then players come back week after week and tell me it’s because I am such a great host and I keep them entertained. Really puts a smile on my face! Not to mention how awesome it is when players compliment my music! I just love having a microphone in hand, entertaining the masses with some trivia."

Erin Ruckholdt

Milwaukee, Wisconsin | hosting since 2016

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