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How We’re Different From the Rest…

  1. We are fortunate enough to have over 9.5 million visits to our website each month!  Research the other trivia companies and you’ll see nobody comes close.  The best part is those 9.5 million visits were all made by people who love trivia.  We will advertise your venue, your specials and your trivia night to all those people.
  2. We have an enormous social media following, which we use multiple times daily.  At the end of 2012, we had over 98,000 Facebook fans.  The next closest trivia company had just under 8,000 fans.  We also have a dedicated Sporcle Live Facebook page for each major market we do business in.
  3. While we are a company with national reach, we also have help right around the corner. Don’t hesitate to call us if there is ever anything you need!
  4. Two Games Per Night – Our game format was designed from scratch. We found through research that people enjoy winning more often (duh!). Therefore, we do two games per night, allowing the casual customer an opportunity to “simply check things out.” In a January 2011 study, we found that 94% of players that play the first game, stay for the second as well.
  5. We Advertise You – Some other companies simply have a list of venues. We believe that we should truly advertise your venue and what makes it unique. If you run specials during trivia, we will list them on our site. Have other events you want featured? Let us know, and we’ll list those as well.
  6. Our Loyal Following – Did you know that 8 of the first 10 locations that hosted Sporcle Live in 2009 still do business with us today?  We must be doing something right!
  7. Our Price Structure – We have set a price structure that is unique and ensures you a profitable evening when you host with us.  Our price structures are designed especially for each city we do business in.  Our immensely popular “pay-per-player” system only allows Sporcle Live to make a profit when we get people in your restaurant/bar playing the game!  Flat-rate pricing is also available.
  8. Our MC’s – Actors, Radio Personalities, and just all around fun and energetic people – we got ‘em! Our hosts are what make the shows fun. We pay them by commission, which encourages them to get as many players in your bar each week.

Get Sporcle Live in your bar or restaurant!

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