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Sporcle is a community of creative people who love to learn. Each day, we reach thousands of people through our website, mobile apps, and live trivia shows.

Available Positions

Software Team (Part-Time – Seattle, WA) – Web / Mobile Developer

Are you an engineering student or just like to code? Ever wonder what’s behind the curtain of a website with millions of users and billions of game plays? Sporcle is looking for part-time engineers to help us bring new and exciting quizzes to the world. Applicants should be familiar with common web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as server-side languages such as PHP, Ruby or Python. Are mobile devices and applications more your speed? If so, we're also looking for people that want to grow their mobile development skills for iOS and Android.

Content Team (Part-Time – Seattle, WA)

Our content moderators are the bridge between Sporcle staff and the Sporcle community. With new games and features being released every day, we need individuals who can work independently to ensure content is fun, accurate and true to the Sporcle brand.

Does this describe you?

Have you ever worn a ‘Grammar Patrol’ t-shirt without irony? Are you a pop culture maniac with strong opinions on Time Lords, Harry Potter, and Guardians of the Galaxy who can also name at least 100 countries of the world? Ever gotten in an argument about Battlestar Galactica or the periodic table?

If so, then do we have a job for you!

Open Call for Sporcle Live Trivia Hosts

Are you engaging and entertaining? Looking for a sweet side job? Complete this brief application and if we have a need in your area we'll chat with you and set you up for an audition.

We're currently looking for hosts in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

(applicants must be 21 or over)

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