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Contests and Collaborations
A group for contests, secret santas, and large projects involving many people
185 12,631 14 hours ago
Find the Star
A star is hidden in a random city in the world; you must type one city in the comments, and let's say tomorrow at same time, the one who guessed the closest city (as the crow flies) wins the star and gets the next turn.
475 34,960 11 minutes ago
Twitch Plays Sporcle
Oh ya know, just running a never ending stream of Sporcle via Twitch playable by Twitch Chat. Nothing major.
6 31 2 months ago
General Discussion
Come here to talk about this and that in the land of Sporcle
816 16,416 6 hours ago
Let's play hangman! I'll put in the first word, and the winner of each game will put in the next. Only guess letters! Note: put the Sporcle category in parentheses next to the word Example: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (History) Answer: Lincoln
1,444 27,944 42 minutes ago
Off Topic
A place to discuss things that are not within the world of Sporcle. Something of a random channel if you will.
774 27,386 35 minutes ago
Sporcle TV
The place to post videos and chat about video ideas for the Sporcle YouTube channel.
71 1,824 4 hours ago
Trophy Case and Recognition
A home to recognize all the great accomplishments of Sporclers.
393 8,026 1 day ago
Twenty Questions
A place to play twenty questions. Each post starts new topic. Only ask a question if the previous question has been answered by the post initiator.
313 23,140 3 minutes ago

All About Sporcle

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Badge Talk
Have an idea for a new Sporcle badge? Post it here! Wanna discuss or announce badges? This is also the place.
979 9,006 1 hour ago
New Feature Requests
Have an idea for a new Sporcle feature? Post it here!
991 5,647 2 hours ago
Report a Problem
Report bugs, strange occurrences and issues here. OR drop us a line at Before you report, visit this handy guide -
1,284 7,580 3 minutes ago
Sporcle Live Life
A group for discussing Sporcle Live shows, events, and all things pub trivia.
8 20 1 month ago
Sporcle News
Announcements and news from Sporcle HQ
116 2,193 7 days ago

Let's Get Quizzical

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Daily Dosing
Discuss and post missing word, word ladder, and quick pick quizzes here.
83 321 10 days ago
How To & Tips
The place to go for help on making quizzes.
1,049 6,478 1 hour ago
Quiz Feedback
Want feedback on your quiz? Post it here. Also a great place to post a quiz that has been revamped or improved for a second pass.
827 4,562 18 hours ago
Shameless Promotion
This is a group for all users to share quizzes, hopefully to get more plays, an Editor's Pick or Curator's Pick, or even get a publish.
1,639 9,324 15 minutes ago

Category Chat

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Gaming, Games, and Toys
You have died of dysentery.
58 495 1 hour ago
Geography Talk
This group is dedicated to the best category on Sporcle! Post cool quizzes or just links to interesting Geography-related articles/information!
400 34,736 1 minute ago
More than just Harry Potter and Twilight
58 452 4 days ago
Come talk about language, religion, holiday, history and other miscellaneous topics
40 608 2 hours ago
Movies, TV, and Music
A place for film buffs, binge watchers, and musical aficionados
274 14,073 11 minutes ago
Science and Math
Because Science!
35 766 2 hours ago
Yay Sports. Go my favorite sports team go!
237 2,623 2 hours ago