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Can you name the World of Warcraft Dungeons?

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Cleft of Shadow, OrgrimmarTaragaman the Hungerer
Lushwater Oasis, Northern BarrensMutanus the Devourer
The Zoram Strand, AshenvaleAku'mai
Thousand NeedlesAmnennar the Coldbringer
Southern BarrensCharlga Razorflank
Valley of Spears, DesolacePrincess Theradras
High Wilderness, Feralas King Gordok (North), Lord Hel'nurath (West), Isalein (East)
Sandsorrow Watch, TanarisChief Ukorz Sandscalp
Caverns of Time, TanarisAeonus
Caverns of Time, TanarisEpoch Hunter
Caverns of Time, TanarisMal'Ganis
Caverns of Time, TanarisMurozond
Caverns of Time, TanarisMannoroth and Varo'then
Caverns of Time, TanarisArchbishop Benedictus
Vir'naal River Delta, UldumSiamat, Lord of the South Wind
Northern StranglethornJin'do the Godbreaker
Moonbrook, Westfall'Captain Cookie', Vanessa VanCleef (Heroic)
Silverpine ForestLord Godfrey
The Canals, Stormwind CityHogger
Dun MoroghMekgineer Thermaplug
Whispering Gardens, Tirisfal GladesBloodmage Thalnos (Graveyard), Arcanist Doan (Library), Herod (Armory), Scarlet Commander Mograine and High Inquisitor Whitemane (Cathedral)
The Maker's Terrace, Badlands Archaedas
Caer Darrow, Western PlaguelandsDarkmaster Gandling
Plaguewood, Eastern PlaguelandsBalnazzar (Main Gate), Lord Aurius Rivendare (Service Entrance)
Pool of Tears, Swamp of SorrowAvatar of Hakkar, Shade of Eranikus
Isle of Quel'DanasKael'thas Sunstrider
Blackrock MountainAscendant Lord Obsidius
Blackrock MountainEmperor Dagran Thaurissian
Twilight HighlandsErudax
AuchindounExarch Maladaar
AuchindounNexus Prince Shaffar
AuchindounTalon King Ikiss
Coilfang ResevoirQuagmirran
Coilfang ResevoirThe Black Stalker
Coilfang ResevoirWarlord Kalithresh
Hellfire CitadelVazruden and Nazan
Hellfire CitadelKeli'dan the Breaker
Hellfire CitadelWarchief Kargath Bladefist
Tempest KeepPathaleon the Calculator
Tempest KeepWarp Splinter
Tempest KeepHarbringer Skyriss
Azjol-NerubHerlad Volazj
Crusader's ColiseumThe Black Knight
Icecrown CitadelDevourer of Souls
Icecrown CitadelScourgelourd Tyrannus
Icecrown CitadelThe Lich King
NexusLey-Guardian Eregos
UlduarSjonnir the Ironshaper
UtgardeIngvar the Plunderer
UtgardeKing Ymiron
Zul'drakThe Prophet Tharon'ja
Abyssal Maw, Vash'jirOzumat
DeepholmHigh Priestess Azil
Skywall (Uldum)Asaad

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