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How many 5* Magicite Records are there?
What Nightmare boss unlocks the Meltdown Record?
What record represents the FFX Torment?
Which realm has the most standard dungeons?
How many types of Soul Breaks are there?
What is the name of Tyro's Soul Break that boosts party defence, resistance, and casts protect, shell, and haste?
Name one of the Transcendent Bosses
How many Wardrobe Materia are there?
Record Rubies unlock which 6* Spellblade abilities (name one)
Wedge is listed as what archetype?
How many characters use Spirit and Wisdom 5* Motes for their Legend Grid?
Which Realm has the most Characters?
How Many Cids have a significant role in FFRK? (playable or plot)
How Many of FFXII's Espers are fought in Torment or Magicite Records?
How many consecutive jumps awards you with the King of Jump Rope USB?
What USB sets the user's critical hit rate to 100% and removes the damage cap?
How many Rainbow Crystals does one piece of 5* equipment create?
Which Character has the most Wardrobe Records?
How Many Record Dungeons are in Volume 1?
What did Torment Dungeons reward prior to their redesign?
Which Character has his own Mote?
Prior to selecting a favourite song, from what game is the music on the party screen?
Name the two types of Chain Soul Breaks
Name one of the Characters with a Holy Chain SB
Which ability type has the fewest number of abilities?
As of 11/1/2019, how many abilities are there?
Onion Knight has two Ultra Soul Breaks that boost both offensive stats. Name one of them
A 6* Glint SB uses how many bars of the SB Gauge?
Three Soul Break types can only be used once. Name one of them
Who is the final boss of Record Dungeons Volume 1?
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