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'Instantaneous rate of change' is another name for the ____________
The ____________ _______ __ ____________ shows that the indefinite integral of a derivative is the function
When the second derivative changes from positive to negative or from negative to positive, then the function has a _____ __ _________
The indefinite integral is different than the definite integral, because the answer includes a __________
The sign of the second derivative indicates the original function's ________
When the first derivative is positive, then the function is _________
The derivative of sin(x)
The types of extrema are absolute and ________
The pneumonic device 'low d high minus high d low, over low squared' refers to _________ rule
The derivative of position is _________
There are _____ conditions that a point must meet for it to be continuous
One of the most common ways to integrate is by using _ substitution
The area under a curve can be found using the _________
A ______ is a three-dimensional volume element of a solid of revolution, with a hole in the middle
If the left-sided limit does not match the right-sided limit, then the function is __________ at this point
When the denominator of a rational function approaches zero, the graph has a _________ _____________
Trying to find the maximum possible area of a rectangle is an example of ___________
d/dx (sec(x))= _________
What you can find by taking the limit of the function as x approaches infinity
To differentiate an equation in which the variables are not explicitly defined

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