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Can you name the Oscar-winning actors by their roles?

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RoleActorFilm (Year)
Gudrun Brangwen
Otis Blake
Diana Scott
Eddie Dupris
Sophie MacDonald
Alfred Dreyfus
Paula Alquist Anton
Sally Bowles
Henry L. Jekyll
Alonzo Harris
Gypo Nolan
Serafina Delle Rose
Ben Bradlee
Ruby Thewes
Reuben J. Cogburn
Virginia Woolf
Veta Louise Simmons
Bela Lugosi
Madame Hortense
Luke Martin
Lentulus Batiatus
Edward J. Flanagan
Curly Washburn
Segeus Alexander
Minny Jackson
Lee Krasner
Don Birnam
Eva Lovelace
Annie Wilkes
RoleActorFilm (Year)
Joe Kelly
Marylee Hadley
Hanna Schmitz
Kurt Muller
Hans Rolfe
Ellie Andrews
Andrew Beckett
Faith Paleologus
Willie Gingrich
Rod Tidwell
Edwin Hoover
Harold Mitchell
Julie Nichols
Lillian Hellman
Roy Bean
Annie Sullivan
Margaret Schlegel
Linda Ash
Jerry Bernard Martin
Lynda Dummar
Norman Thayer Jr.
Ruth Popper
Jim Malone
Mac Sledge
Sandra Kovac
Anthony John
Benjamin Turnbull Rand
Addie Loggins
John Cleary
RoleActorFilm (Year)
Carol Connelly
Mildred Ratched
Barbara Graham
Norma Besant
Blanche Barrow
Sarah Norman
Dicky Eklund
Catherine Sloper
Tessa Quayle
Harry Coombes
Petronella Van Daan
Homer Smith
Christy Brown
Sarah Tobias
Terry Malloy
Luis Molina
Scarlett O'Hara
Jeff Hartnett
Lola Delaney
Angelo Maggio
Guido Orefice
Wilbur Larch
Karen Crowder
Dith Pran
King Schultz
Stephen Ashe
Gaye Dawn

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