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Can you name the German verb + preposition idioms by Spencer?

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to be annoyed about
to ask about/for
to force into doing something
to concentrate on (sth)
to be afraid of
to be suitable as (sth)
to warn against
to congratulate on (sth)
to serve the purpose of (sth)
to lead to (sth)
to talk into (sth)
to hope for (sth)
to stop doing (sth)
to introduce to (sth)
to inquire about
to do without
to remind of
to count as one of (sth)
to disregard (sth)
to speak of
to thank for (sth)
to convince of (sth)
to pay attention to
to suit
to consider to be (sth)
to judge
to drive/impel to (sth)
to advise against (sth)
to be about (sth)
to refer to
to consist in (sth)
to react to (sth)
to write to (sb)
to remember
to cheat out of (sth)
to intervene, meddle in (sth)
to believe in
to make efforts toward (sth)
to be on guard against
to insist on (sth)
to suffer from (sth)
to taste like (sth)
to have something at one's disposal
to think of
to mock
to talk about
to rely on
to take part in (sth)
to introduce to (do sth)
to decide in favor
to limit to (sth)
to be suitable for
to be surprised at/about
to be afraid of
to part of (sth)
to fall in love (sb)
to save from
to become engrossed in (sth)
to inform oneself about (sth)
to doubt (sth)
to count as one of (sth)
to challenge to (sth)
to contribute to
to take care of (um)
to lean toward
to get used to
to tell about
to conclude from (sth)
to know of
to laugh about
to agree with
to answer (sth)
to talk on the phone with (sb)
to deal with
to agree to (sth)
to count on
to work on (sth)
to depend on
to argue about (sth)
to be satisfied with (sth)
to look forward to (sth)
to keep an eye on
to consist of (sth)
to strive for (sth)
to speak with (sb)
to flee from
to point to (sth)
to be enthusiastic about (sth)
to result from (sth)
to look like (sth)
to complain about
to think something of sb/sth
to protect from
to be interested in
to dream of
to count on (sth)
to prevent from doing (sth)
to be busy with
to think about, ponder
to ask for (sth )
to gather from (sth)
to die of (sth)
to discuss (sth)
to take care of (für)
to smell like/of (sth)
to fight about (sth)
to start with (sth)
to grab at (sth)
to search for
to compete for (sth)
to wait for
to converse with (sb)
to complain about
to recover from (sth)
to long for (sth)

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