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SunFalcon head and sun disk
PharoahHead of hawk and crown of Egypt
MoistureHead of a lioness
Protector of the deadHeaddress with her name in hieroglyphs
DestructionHead of a lion
Creation,rebirth, and sun movementHead of a scarab beatle
CreationCrowned with feathers
Protected women in pregnancy and childbirthHead of a hippo and the tail of a croc
EarthColor of plants and Nile mud
MagicThrone on head or holding baby
NileCrocodile head and headdress of feather and sun disk
JusticeFeather in her hair
CraftsmenTight white cloak and staff
CatsHead of cat
Writing and measurementPanther skin dress and star headdress
DesertAnimal head with curved snout
WisdomHead of ibis
Pregent women, newborns, and familyDwarf with human and lion features, dwarf wearing lion skin
EmbalmingHead of a jackal
DeadDressed in white with crook and flail
SkyBlue with golden stars
AirHeaddress of feathers
Protective, love and joyEars of a cow and a headdress of horns and a sun disk
Waters of choasCarries a bark
Yearly flooding of the Nile RiverPotbelly and water plants

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