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Found in both Irish and Indian flag, what is the most sacred color of Hinduism
Lutz, Axel and Camel are terms associated with what sport
What is currently the UK's longest continuous running game show
What is the stage name of Sir Thomas John Woodward
What is the name for a treat with currants squashed between two thin, oblong biscuits?
The world heritage site of Petra is located in what country
Allegro is a musical direction meaning to play how
How many squares/spaces on a chess board
Name the French cartoon skunk that is madly in love with a reluctant cat
What British chocolate company takes its name from its environmental concerns and the high level of cocoa solids it uses
What is the unusual talent/skill of Sally Morgan
What is the name of Sherlock Holmes' housekeeper
50 cardinals, two flamingos and six penguins attended the 1963 London premiere of what film?
The M20 motorway runs through what English county
What animal is on the cover of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album
Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan both appeared in adverts for what after shave
Who is the wife of musician Jamie Cullum
Philip Treacy is known as a designer of what
What is an ice hockey puck made from

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