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Can you guess the superhero team by three members?

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Arsenal, Cassandra Cain, Black LightningDC
Human Torch, Black Knight, HerculesMarvel
Cable, Domino, CannonballMarvel
Baron Zemo, Goliath, MoonstoneMarvel
Big Bertha, Deadpool, DoormanMarvel
Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spider-ManMarvel
Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Simon BazDC
Darkseid, Orion, MetronDC
Billy Batson, Darla Dudley, Eugene ChoiDC
Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Agent CarterMarvel
Hawkeye, War Machine, WondermanMarvel
Ant-Man, Black Panther, BombshellMarvel
Guardian, Aurora, SnowbirdMarvel
Mr Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible WomanMarvel
Namor, Iron Man, Mr FantasticMarvel
Karma, Sunspot, CableMarvel
Beta Ray Bill, Flashback, Diamond LilMarvel
Iron Man, Captain America, ThorMarvel
Doctor Fate, Hourman, SpectreDC
John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Detective ChimpDC
Ikaris, Ajal, SersiMarvel
Bart Allen, Smasher, StarboltDC
Dr Manhattan, Nite Owl, RorshachDC
Storm, Rogue, GambitMarvel
Franklin Richards, Alex Power, Katie PowerMarvel
Aqualad, Superboy, Kid FlashDC
Five, Diego, LutherDark Horse
Moon Knight, Beast, Black WidowMarvel
Wiccan, Hulkling, Miss AmericaMarvel
Barbara Gordon, Black Canary, CatwomanDC
Booster Gold, Guy Gardener, AquamanDC
Robin, Starfire, Beast BoyDC
Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica JonesMarvel
Black Bolt, Karnak, CrystalMarvel
Batman, Superman, Wonder WomanDC
Crazy Jane, Cyborg, Negative ManDC

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