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What is Barney Stinson ( Matter of opinion)A
Marshall searches for the best ......... in NYB
All the gang have one last C
Where Lilly and Marshall live after moving out of the flat above the barD
What word did Ted pronounce differently that made the gang angry and had to have a intervention E
Marshall's skeet ball name is bigF
Barney and Marshall work for the bankG
The ........... crazy scaleH
When Marshall kept wearing a Dr Seuss hat they had to have a I
The Actor that plays Marshall J
Lilly works as a K
What did Ted and Barney do to the Liberty BellL
Lilly hates the word M
link to himymletter
Where did Stella want Ted to move toN
'I'm to ........ for this stuff'O
Barney tries to keep Ted away from Stella by explaining what ruleP
What is Barney's adaptation to the phrase 'quid pro,Quo'Q
The cab drivers nameR
Robin's alter ego is called Robin S
After a heavy night of drinking what did Ted get that eventually lead to him meeting StellaT
The Mother has a yellow U
Lorenzo ...... Matterhorn V
Randy brews his own beer and calls it W
What is Ted's DJ name in college Dr ...X
Barney gets the ........ and can't talk to girlsY
What is the title of the episode in which Lilly and Marshall are trapped in the bathroomZ

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