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First Line of SongSong NameAlbum
You wanna watch us break, be the first to take us downNew Surrender
Live, I wanna live inspired, die, I wanna for somethingNew Surrender
We're the last of the sleepless ones, left behind, by who we left behind tonightNew Surrender
So let me get this straight, say now you loved me all alongNever Take Friendship Personal
If I could write one letter, to the world as we know itBlueprints for the Black Market
There's a hatchet got a knife, when I awoke there was nothing real in this life Never Take Friendship Personal
Do you memorize theatrical lines, seem to lead them inNew Surrender
Growing tired of beside revolve, public display of depressionCities
Whoah, Yeah. Whoah, whoah, whoah yeahNever Take Friendship Personal
When your only friends are hotel rooms, hands are just a lullabyNever Take Friendship Personal
Don't try to wake me up even if the sun really doe's come out tomorrowCities
You keep repeating me lines, that you think i want to hearCities
Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am young againBlueprints for the Black Market
Immotive, unstable, you're like an unwinding cable carCities
Hey brother, do you remember when, we used to play outdoors 'till the light was absorbed by the nightNew Surrender
First Line of SongSong NameAlbum
Burning down neverland (scatter the ashes)Cities
Oh how I've tried, to get you of my headNew Surrender
Tonight my heart is cold, lost in your eyesBlueprints for the Black Market
Right down, to remind yourself on how we could be, how we could beBlueprints for the Black Market
This is your black market reformation keep your lips closed and don't you ever give away our underground locationBlueprints for the Black Market
I feel so extraordinary, nothing's going to hold on meSingle
Come close tonight, I know your desire real goodNever Take Friendship Personal
I'm here for you she said, and we can stay for awhile, my boyfriend's goneNew Surrender
This is surrender, to the war-torn life I've livedNew Surrender
Maybe tonight we'll get back together, sound the alarms and break all the leversNever Take Friendship Personal
Dear little girl, so much hurt for a young ageNew Surrender
Come and go as you please, your actions write the melodiesBlueprints for the Black Market
Let's you and me, make our way just beyond *Song Name*New Surrender
Do you remember when we were just kids, and cardboard boxes took us milesCities
Airports to Amsterdam, there's nothing we can do now, I'm convinced, oh, that you're rightCities

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