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John Candy as the Polka King of the Midwest1990
Red Hot Chili Pepper's lead singer Anthony Kiedis as a drug-dealing surfer1991
Real-life hockey players Mike Modano and Basil McRae as themselves1992
Joe Pesci as Sonny's friend Carmine, a guy who gets hit in the head with a baseball bat1993
Christopher Walken talking about how he hid a watch from the Vietnamese in a prison camp1994
Jenna Elfman as a helpful angel (also known as a stripper in an angel costume)1998
Bob Saget describes what he would do for some cocaine1998
Alanis Morissette plays God1999
Topher Grace, playing himself, as an awful poker player2001
Adam Sandler as a very stoned employee at the mall who also plays the bongos.2002
James Carville (as himself), losing a debate to Will Ferrell's character2003
Artie Lange as a Santa who smells like beef and cheese2003
Matt Damon singing 'Scotty Doesn't Know'2004
Pam Anderson (as herself) as the target of a kidnapping attempt at an autograph signing2006
Billy Baldwin as Detective Hunter Rush, a fictional character on 'Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime'2007
Clark Duke as a high school student at a big party2007
Brad Pitt as Samuel Bass, a helpful white man2012
Jonah Hill as a Klansman2012
Johnny Depp as undercover cop Tom Hanson2012
Matthew McConaughey as a coked-up stockbroker who liked Absolut martinis during lunch2013
Robert De Niro speaking fluent Arabic as mobster Victor Tellegio2013
Daniel Radcliffe, starring in a fictional movie called 'The Dogwalker'2015
Ansel Elgort (from 'The Fault in Our Stars') as a gas station attendant2015

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