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Can you name the movie these actors were in before they got super famous?

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Actor or ActressMovieYear
Harrison Ford plays a tough guy who races his black Chevy.1973
Danny Devito plays a patient in a mental institution named Martini.1975
Tom Cruise was just a small part of an ensemble cast in this movie about gangs set in Oklahoma in 1966.1983
Charlie Sheen plays a punk at a police station.1986
Keanu Reeves plays a goalie in this hockey movie.1986
Adam Sandler stars as a cruise ship comedian.1989
Macaulay Culkin and Gaby Hoffman play siblings who are babysat by their dad's brother. 1989
Chris Rock plays a crack addict named Pookie.1991
Brad Pitt plays a cowboy who robs gas stations and liquor stores.1991
Matt Damon plays a kid at a prep school in the 1950s.1992
Tim Roth plays an undercover cop involved in a jewel heist.1992
Sandra Bullock is a nerdy animal psychologist who suddenly becomes irresistible to the opposite sex.1992
Actor or ActressMovieYear
Renee Zellweger has a tiny part as a soon-to-be senior initiating the incoming freshmen class.1993
Dave Chappelle plays Ahchoo, son of Asneeze.1993
Jason Lee plays slacker Brodie in this cult classic.1995
Natalie Portman is Timothy Hutton's neighbor.1996
Casey Affleck plays the whipping boy of a group of friends that include his brother Ben, Matt Damon and Cole Hauser.1997
Jason Segel plays a teenager who leaves his friends to go to Notre Dame and study botany.1998
Dane Cook plays a wannabe superhero named The Waffler. He bashes enemies in the head with his griddle of justice.1999
Anthony Anderson plays one of Jim Carrey's 3 foul-mouthed son.2000
Michael B. Jordan plays a fifth grade kid who plays on team coached by a degenerate gambler.2001
Jonah Hill tries to buy a pair of glittery boots with goldfish in the soles.2005
Chloe Moretz has contact with a ghost who promises to take her to her father.2005
Channing Tatum, with a bald head, plays a high school basketball player named Lyle.2005

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