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Can you name the words that start with 'A' followed by each letter of the alphabet?

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Last name of Major League Baseball player who hit 755 career home runsAA-
One who was in favor of ending slaveryAB-
A species of palm whose berries are popular in bowls and smoothiesAC-
In Greek Mythology, he was a lover of Aphrodite who was killed by a wild boarAD-
Rock band fronted by Steven TylerAE-
A written statement that is used in courtAF-
The blue version of this perennial plant is one of the main economic forces of Jalisco, MexicoAG-
A greeting, most notably used on ships (or by pirates)AH-
A minor illnessAI-
A powdery cleaning product owned by Colgate-PalmoliveAJ-
A city in Ohio with just under 200,000 residentsAK-
To lessen suffering or painAL-
The changes to the US ConstitutionAM-
HintAnswerStarts With
To make someone slightly angry by bothering themAN-
The main artery of the human bodyAO-
The top of something, like a roof or a mountainAP-
A zoo for sea animalsAQ-
A Las Vegan resort and casino that opened in December of 2009AR-
Extremely stupid and uselessAS-
An open-air space surrounded by a building AT-
University that Bo Jackson, Jimmy Buffett, and Octavia Spencer attendedAU-
A fruit with a large seed inside and a tough skin outsideAV-
A long pointed spike used to make holes in woodAW-
A rod that passes through the center of tiresAX-
A holistic healing system created in India thousands of years agoAY-
A small rhododendron plantAZ-

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