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Can you name the Locations of Superficial Muscles?

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Location HintName of Muscle (each is used twice)
The upper chest muscle
Found Below the Gluteus Maximus
Posterior to the Shin
Connects the laterial lips to the cheekbones
Anterior Arm Muscle
I am located superior to the ear
Posterior Thigh Muscle
Largest Butt Muscle
Lower back muscle
Leg Muscle named for its action
Posterior Arm Muscle
Muscle with 3 origins
I am superior to your nose
The fleshy part of the cheeks
Muscle straight down the chest
Posterior Finger Muscle
I am laterial to your nose
Run at a right angle to the external obliques
Anterior Finger Muscle
The Shin Muscle
Muscle closer to the pivot of the jaw
The upper back muscle
Location HintName of Muscle (each is used twice)
Anterior Wrist Muscle
Runs the length of the posterior spine
Deep muscle of the back
Posterior Wrist Muscle
Attached posteriorly to both the carpals and radius
Named after the cheekbone
Triangular Arm Muscle
Run at a right angle to the internal obliques
Connects Laterial Hip To Inner Knee
Diagonal Thigh muscle
The muscle of the neck
Inferior Butt Muscle
Muscle with 2 origins
Anterior Thigh Muscle
Rib Meat
Attached to the sternum/Clavical/and Mastoid process
Superior Butt Muscle
I am inferior to your nose
Muscle below the mammary glands
The outside diagonal ab muscle
Ab muscle that runs transversly
Laterial Upper Arm muscle
Location HintName of Muscle (each is used twice)
Covers the temporal bone
The Calf Muscle
Middle sized Butt Muscle
The anterior cheek muscle
The muscle of your lips
Attached to the lower edges of the lips
Located between the ribs
Innermost ab muscle
Connects phalanges anteriorly to the radius
Anterior lower leg muscle
These muscles are around you eyes
Posterior humerus to spine muscle
Group of Four Muscles of the Thigh
I am located at your forehead
The posterior cheek muscle
Attached Anteriorly to both the carpals and radius
Shaped like a trapezoid
The inside diagonal ab muscle
Muscles of the inner Thigh
The 6 pack
Attached behind the ear and to sternum
Connects phalanges posteriorly to the radius

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