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Can you name the Actions of the Superficial Muscles?

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The Actions of the MuscleName of Muscle
Flexion of vertebral column
Flexion of shoulder
Blowing a Trumpet
Wrinkles Brow
Helper Muscle for Chewing Gum
Used in grabbing something
Flexion of Elbow
Releasing something
Lowers edges of mouth
Twisting strap like muscle of the thigh
Antagonist of the Gluts and Hams
Frowning Muscle
Anatagonist of same muscle with the word Flexor in it
Neck Flexion
The antagonist of the Quads
Raises shoulders
Extends the spine
Extension of shoulder
Flexes wrist
Sucking in your Tummy
Adduction of Arm
Raises edges of Mouth
The Actions of the MuscleName of Muscle
AKA ' Guns'
Prime mover of jaw closer
Inside side abs
Extends the hip/thigh joint
Large Muscle that Extension of Humerus
Antagonist of the gastrocnemius
Muscle that you would use to stay on horse
Adducts the legs
Antagonist of the Tibialis Anterior
Smiling Muscle
Prime mover of inspiration
Use this muscle if you pick something up with only your back
Performs the same job as your Gluteus
Raise Rib Cage
Extends wrist
Middle Muscle that Extension of Humerus
Outside side abs
Extension of Elbow
Flexion of phalanges
Antagonist of Biceps
The Actions of the MuscleName of Muscle
Prime Mover of Knee Extension
Synergist of jaw closer
Prime Mover of Knee Flexion
Holds your guts in
Extension of Neck
Hip/Leg Flexion
Abduction of arm
The sit-up muscle
Drinking through a Straw
Moves head down and toward opposite shoulder
Exterior Diagonal muscle of the abdomin
Raises eyebrows
Synergist of Gluteus Maximus
Extends Phalanges
Interior Diagonal muscle of the abdomin
Rotates the thigh
Adduction of Arm
Raises arm
Main Muscle for Chewing Gum
Antagonist to the extensor carpi radialis
Closes mouth

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