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Who was the first American in space?First American to make a suborbital flight into space
His callsign?
Launch year?5 May
Second American in space?Second suborbital flight. Spacecraft sank before recovery when hatch unexpectedly blew off, recovered 1999.
His callsign?
Launch year?21 July
Third American in space?First American to orbit the Earth (for a total of 3 orbits). Spacecraft's retropack retained during re-entry due to concerns about heat shield.
His callsign?
Launch year?20 February
Fourth American in space?3 orbits. Reentered off-target by 402 km.
His callsign?
Launch year?24 May
Fifth American in space?Carried out engineering tests; six orbits
His callsign?
Launch year?3 October
Sixth American in space?First American in space for over a day. Last American to orbit the Earth solo. 22 orbits.
His callsign?
Launch year?15 May
Which astronaut did not get a flight until 1975?

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