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What is the geographical region called where Spain and Portugal are situated.
What is the southern most capital in the world
The largest city by population in Switzerland is
What city in Sweden connects with Copenhagen of Denmark by bridge?
Podgorica is the capital of which country
The capital of Suriname is
The second largest city in Greece is Northern Greece
Aleppo is a city in which country
The country in Europe with close to 66 Million people As of 2013
The largest city in Brazil is
The richest country in the world by GDP per capita is
The county which has the fastest growing population in Europe is
The largest country that borders Slovakia is
In what country would you find Rotterdam
What is the capital of the common wealth Tasmania?
In what American city would you find Fort Sumter
The largest city southern Italy is South of Rome
What city is the 2nd largest metro area in the world
Which 2 countries does the Bering strait separate put 'and' between countries
The capital of Azerbaijan is Name one
Bermuda is a common wealth of which country
Kosovo is trying to break away from which country
In what country would you find the city of Haifa
The capital of Morocco is
The state capital of Illinois is

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