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Forced Order
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The dominican Republic borders which country
The most popular language in Brazil is
A country that borders Italy
The capital of India is
Name a Mediterranean island nation
The fashion capital of the world is
Bratislava is the capital of which country Hint: In Europe
The largest Island of Greece is
The capital of Kenya is
Scotland is a part of which country
What is the long skinny nation located on the west coast of South America
What is the second most popular language in the USA
What is the 2nd largest country in the world
The capital of Colombia is
The most densely populated country is Hint: Located in Asia
What continent is Poland located
Suriname is a country in what continent
The capital of China is
Question Answer Note
The capital of Iran is
What city has the largest metropolitan population in the world
The largest city in Australia is
The Vatican City and San Marino are located in what country
Name the largest country that borders The Czech Republic
Greenland is owned by which country
The capital of Turkey is
Which country has the largest GDP in the world
The capital of Poland is
The only country that borders Norway is
This country only borders Spain
Netherlands border which country
Berlin is the capital of what country
The Island of Sardinia belongs to which country
What is the smallest country that France borders
What is the body of water called where Scandinavia is
A country that used to be a part of Yugoslavia is

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