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MeaningS.G. 3 Word
A person who has been cast out of society.
A person without money or property
A large expanse of space can be described as this.
Something huge.
A piece of art made from a white, stone-like substance.
An evil creature that inhabits Mr. Taylor's nightmares.
When two unlike things are put together.
To think back on something with bad feelings.
To talk down to someone, or to lower yourself.
To think deeply about something.
Cause, account, or benefit.
A type of wood.
Humbly patient or submissive.
MeaningS.G. 3 Word
What you think will happen.
Fine differences or details.
Something that points out a fact or measurement.
A shiny, colorful substance found in abalone shells.
Deep sadness.
Excessive pride in one's appearance.
To fix something.
To offer something that is needed.
To feel sorry for one's self.
A secret name, or alternative name.
When you say one thing and mean the opposite.
When human-like characteristics are given to non-human objects.
The end result.

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