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DefinitionsBEK Terms
When a character says one thing and means another.
The conflict in the plot is resolved.
An object that has a meaning beyond itself.
The author's attitude toward a subject.
The most evil animal.
The overall feeling of a story.
Video, poems, short stories, and novels are examples of this.
Mr. Taylor has many of these in his classroom.
The meaning of a word that goes beyond the dictionary definition.
When the reader expects the opposite of what happens.
DefinitionsBEK Terms
With this point-of-view, you see 'I' a lot.
With this point-of-view, you see 'he' OR 'she' a lot.
With this point-of-view, you see 'he' AND/OR 'she' a lot.
With this point-of-view, you see 'you' a lot.
This is the insight or lesson about life a story provides.
These are one word descriptions of topics in a story.
This can be internal or external.
This is the last part of a plot.
This is the first part of a plot.
What other people say and feel about the character is also known as:

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