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a group that seeks to elect candidates to public office by supplying them with a label by which they are known to the electorate
voting for or against the candidate or party in office because on likes or dislikes how things have gone in the recet past
faction in the Republican party of the 1890s and 1910s. Reformers who opposed the use of patronage and party bosses and favored leadership of experts.
voting for a candidate because on favors their ideas for addressing issues after the election
periods during which a sharp, lasting shift occurs in the popular coalition supporting one or both parties.
drawing the boundaries of political districts so that districts are very unequal in population
voting for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election
Valued benefit obtained by joining a political organization
voting for cndidates who are all of the same party
a ballot listing all candidates for a given office under the name of that officeMassachusetts ballot
ballot listing all candidates of a given party together under the name of that partyIndiana ballot
meeting of party delegates elected in state primaries, caucuses, or conventions that is held every four years. Nominate presidential and vice presidential candidates and ratify a c
signal telling a congressional representative what values are at stake in a vote and how that issue fits into his or her own set of political beliefes or party agenda
committee of delegates from each state and territory that runs party affairs between national conventions
social rewards that make people want to join local or state political organizations. People who find politics fun want to meet others alike respond to these
party committee in Congress that provides funds to members who are running for reelection or to would be members running for an open seat or challenging a candidate from the opposi
benefits that have monetary value, including money, gifts, services, or discounts received as a result of one's membership in an organization
a political organization the stated goals of which will principally benefit nonmembers
spending by political action committees on political matters that is done directly and not by giving money to a candidate or party
a paid, full time manager of a party's day to day work who is elected by national committee
primary election that permits all voters, to choose candidates regardless of party
party leaders and elected officials who become delegates to teh national convention without having to run in primaries or caucuses.
party organization that recruits its members by dispensing patronage and that is characterized by a high degree of leadership control over member activityGives money, etc.
association of members of Congress created to advocate a political ideology or a regional, ethnic, or economic interest
issue dividing the electorate on which rival parties adopt different policy positions to attrract voters
issue which voters distinguish rival parties by the degree to which they associate each party or candidate with conditions, goals, or symbols the electorate universally approves orPoltical corruption/economic prosperity
an increase in the votes that congressional candidates usually get when they first run fo reelection
drawing the boundaires of political districts in bizarre or unusual shapres to make it easy for candidates of the party in power to win elections in those districts
funds from individuals, corporations, and unions that are spent on party activities, such as voter regristration campaigns and cvoting drives rather than on behalf of a specific caFunds must be reported to Federal Election Commission
an electoral system used in almost all American elections, in which the winner is the person who gets the most votes, even if he or she does not receive a majority of votes

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