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To hunt down TodA gun
To get rid of LadyAuthority
To eat the Three Little PigsLarge lungs
To kill Peter PanA sword
To cause chaosPowers of darkness
To make a dalmatian fur coatA gun
To obtain Charotte's moneyVoodoo magic
To kill all GypsiesAuthority
To marry BelleBow and arrow
To take over OlympusThe Titans
To rule over the antsAuthority
To obtain the Black CauldronPowers of darkness
To become Sultan of AgrabahBlack magic
To make Cinderella do their willAuthority
To use Penny to get a diamondA gun
To kill AuroraPowers of darkness
To capture MarahuteA gun
To get rid of Mickey and co. Variety of weapons
To kill Robin HoodAuthority
To get rid of AliceAuthority
To get the gold of VirginiaA gun
To be king of EnglandClaws
To be king of the Pride LandsClaws
To be emperor of China Sword
To kill MowgliClaws
To destroy toysAuthority
To use Pinocchio for moneyAn axe
To obtain Fagin's moneyA gun
To become queen of AtlanticaBlack magic
To become the emperessAuthority

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