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Can you name the Percy Jackson people, places or things in relation to the Harry Potter ones?

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Harry Potter Percy Jackson Relationship
Ron WeasleyHero's Best Friend
Lucius MalfoyBully's Dad
Severus SnapeMoody Leader at Hero's Safe Haven
Lord VoldemortVillain
Harry Potter Hero
HogwartsHero's Safe Haven
Rubeus HagridFriendly Giant Character Who helps the Hero
Albus DumbledoreHero's Mentor
Neville LongbottomFriendly Boy at Hero's Safe Haven
Lilly PotterHero's Mom
George WeasleyA Joker with a Brother
Ginny WeasleyHero's Girlfriend
Cedric DiggoryPopular Boy Who Dies
Luna LovegoodFriendly Girl at Hero's Safe Haven
Collin CreevyYoung Boy at Hero's Safe Haven
Harry Potter Percy Jackson Relationship
Sirius BlackHero's New Caretaker
Harry's BroomstickHero's Main Ride
Harry's WandHero's Main Weapon
Hermione's MomMain Female Protagonist's Mom
WormtailVillain's Main Sidekick
DobbyCreature who thinks the Hero is it's Master
James PotterHero's Dad
Cho ChangPopular Beautiful Girl
Elder WandPowerful, Deadly Weapon
Tom RiddleTeenager who Turns into the Villain
Hermione's DadMain Female Protagonist's Dad
Vernan DursleyHero's Mean Origonal Caretaker
Hermione GrangerBest Friend's Girlfriend
Fred WeasleyA Joker with a Brother
Draco MalfoyBully of Hero's Safe Haven

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