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Can you name the Disney Movies that are being described with long words?

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Elongated VersionOriginal Version
Young Destitute Male Seeks Affluence and Devotion Via Paranormal Apparition
Adolecent Female Desires To Exist On Earth Alongside An Anthropoid
Infant Is Raised Among A Simian Family
Picturesque Female Unkowingly Punctures An Envenomed Fruit
Peasent Damsel Receives Succor from Her Sprite-Like Supporter And Is Able To Proceed To The Waltz Hall
Troublesome Prince Seeks Exploitation And Contravenes His Father's Wishes To Get It
Young Female Dons Masculine Guise And Enlists Into The Legion To Preserve Her Father's Life
Repugnant Man Longs For Adoration From a Woman and Liberty From His Malevolent Dictator
Juvinile Youth Gains Instruction To Pursue His Goal Of Being A Deity
Juvenile Female With Extensive Tresses Desires To Experiance The World

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