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An indirect reference, often to a person, event, statement, theme or work
Novel that deals with the develpment of a young person, usually from childhood to maturity
Characterization; Tells you what traits a character has
Characterization; Reader must make conclusions about the p
Techniques used to create a character
Character Type; Developed, complex, many-sided
Character Type; Lacks depth and complexity
Character Type; Established, often stereotyped
Character Type; Ludicrously exaggerated prominant features
Portrait drawn in words
Way of speaking that is particular to a geographic region or social group
Conversation between characters
Particular words chosen for a work or the plan that seems to govern word choice
Author's use of an element, character or event to influence the reader, to furthur the plot, or to create irony
Where being indirect replaces directness to avoid unpleasentness
Obvious and deliberate exaggeration or overstatement
One thing is spoken of as tough it were something else
Human characteristics givin to non-human things
Figure of speech that uses like, as, than or resembles to make a comparison between unlike subjects
Reveals an episdoe that happened before the story began
Clues to suggest events that will come late in the work
Type of liturature
Expression particular to a particular launguage
Insertion of a sentence during a conversation or speech; Author speaking directly to the reader
Technique involving a contradiction between appearence or expectation and reality
Type of Irony; Saying the opposite of what one means
Type of Irony; Discrepency between expectation and reality
Type of Irony; Discrepency between a character's perception and what the reader or audiance knows to be true
Author's attitude to the reader, the subject, or the audience
Lesson or principle taught by the work
Combination of personality and situation that compels a character to behave the way he or she does
Sequence of events in the narrative
Type of Plot; Setting the scene
Type of Plot; Something happens to begin the action
Type of Plot; The story and tension between characters build and gets more exciting
Type of Plot; The moment of greatest tension
Type of Plot; Follows the climax
Type of Plot; Ending of the story
Type of Plot; Struggle between opposing forces
Type of Plot; Character struggles internally
Type of Plot; Character struggles externally
Type of Plot; Moment when all the action begins to spiral towards the end
Vantage point from which a narrative is told
Type of POV; Major character tells the story
Type of POV; Minor character tells the story
Type of POV; Can enter the minds of all characters
Type of POV; Focuses on one character
Type of POV; Extremely limited point of view
Background enviornment for the story
Statements that the text is implying about it's subject
Attitude of the author to the reader, audience or subject

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