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Can you name the Disney characters based on the triple hints?

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Mouse, Gloves, Ears 
Mermaid, Dinglehopper, Human 
Curse, Rose, Monster 
Homeless, Prince, Genie 
Dog, Planet, Orange 
Duck, Sailor, Temper 
Dwarfs, Beauty, Apple 
Slipper, Midnight, Pumpkin 
Game, Villain, Wreck 
Bear, Honey, Balloon 
Clock, Strict, French 
Green, Chameleon, Protective 
Villainess, Voice, Tentacles 
Explorer, History, Jamestown 
Coins, Pink, Cork 
Gloomy, Blue, Tail 
Fast, Rabbit, Foot 
Gyspy, Dancer, Goat 
Light, Bug, Star 
Pig, Gas, Grubs 
Digger, Dirt, Headlamp 
Tree, Vines, Old 
Money, Rich, Top Hat 
Tiny, Cards, Hearts 
Rival, Trickester, Rodent 
King, Sleep, Aurora 
Shoe, Eyeglass, Blue Suit 
Clothes, Furniture, Doors 
Tattoo, Agent, Snake 
Greek, Eye, Future 

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