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Mickey Mouse
Main Antagonist 
Giant Figure 
Minons of the Main Antagonist 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Beauty-Seeking Stepmother 
All-Seeing Glass 
Works for the Main Antagonist 
Cheating Buisnessman 
Scheming Fox 
Partners with the Fox 
Leader of the Circus 
Works for the Circus Leader 
Figments of the Protagonists Imagination 
Devil Figure 
Wooden Water Carriers 
Falls for a Hippo 
Hidden Person in the Woods 
'Mans' Best Friends 
Rival of the Protagonist 
Winnie the Pooh
Figments of the Protagonists Imagination 
Imaginative Creature created from the Words 'Back Soon' 
Creatures Believed to be all the 'Scary Things'  
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Headless Haunting Ghost 
Lying, Scheming Tavernkeeper 
Work for the Tavernkeeper 
Mean Stepmother 
Red-Headed Spoiled Girl 
Black-Haired Spoiled Girl 
Alice in Wonderland
Queen of a Fantasy Land (Also known as 'The Red Queen') 
Henchmen of the Queen 
Works for the King and Queen of the Fantasy Land 
Peter Pan
Pirate Captain 
Work for the Captain 
Hungry Reptile [Isn't Really Good, or Bad] 
Lady and the Tramp
Twin Cats, Pets of a Cat Lover 
Cat Lover who Hates Dogs 
Bulldog who Wants to be Free 
Sleeping Beauty
Jealous, Dark Fairy 
The Fairy's Pet 
Minions of the Dark Fairy 
101 Dalmatians
Fur-Lover and Designer 
Tall Man who Works for the Fur-Lover 
Short Man who Works for the Fur-Lover 
The Sword in the Stone
Shape-Shifting Witch 
Bully-Like Stepbrother of the Protagonist 
Stepfather of Protagonist [Is not truly an antagonist, but he is very bossy and disiplinary, also shows favoritism toward his biological son] 
The Jungle Book
Tiger of the Jungle 
Long Anaconda Snake 
King of the Apes and Monkeys 
Robin Hood
Fake King 
Works for the Fake King 
Works as Security of the Kingdom 
The Fox and the Hound
Average Hunter 
Hunter's Dog 
Large Mammal who feels Threatened  
The Rescuers
Greedy Woman who wants a Diamond 
Poacher who is desperate for a Golden Eagle 
Pet of the Poacher 
The Great Mouse Detective
Wants to be King of England 
Pet of the wannabe King 
Mouse who was eaten alive by the Pet 
Oliver and Company
Greedy man who wants Money 
One of the Pets of the Greedy Man 
One of the Pets of the Greedy Man 
The Little Mermaid
Devious Sea Witch 
Sister of the Sea Witch 
Works for the Sea King 
Beauty and the Beast
Narcissistic Huntsman who want to marry the Female Protagonist 
Partner to the Huntsman 
Giant Pipe Organ 
Royal Vizier, Sorceror and Genie 
Works for the Vizier 
Leads a band of Thieves after the Origonal Leader is Kicked out 
The Lion King
Wants to be Ruler of the Land 
Wants to Avenge the Death of the wannabe Ruler (Could be argued that the two were in a realationship) 
Worked for the wannabe Ruler 
Governor who wants Gold 
Works for the Governor 
Well-Meaning, but Gullible King 
Toy Story
Young Toy Destroyer 
Cowboy Toy who wants to be a Collector's Item 
Devious Teddy Bear who hates Humans 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Judge who Despises Gypseys 
Men who work for The Judge 
Criminal Mastermind posing as a Circus Ringleader 
God of the Dead; Ruler of the Underworld 
Work for the God 
Five Giant Beasts who work for the God 
The Black Cauldron
Wants Power and Magic 
Works for the Power-Seeker 
Minions of the Power-Seeker 
Leader of an Invading Army 
Work for the Leader 
Pet of the Leader 
A Bug's Life
Leader of a Gang of Grasshoppers 
Brother to the Leader 
Work for the Leader 
Wants Money by Selling Apes 
Wants Revenge Against and Ape for Scaring her and her Sons 
Sons to the Revengful Ape 
The Emperer's New Groove
Wannabe Emperess 
Used to Bodyguard for the wannabe Emperess 
Used to Work for the wannabe Emperess 
Sea Captain who wants to Make Money by Selling an Atlantean 
Works for the Sea Captain 
Wants to destroy the World using Lava and Ice 
Monster's Inc.
Manager of a Company who wants to Kidnap Human Children 
Works for the Manager 
Used to Work for the Assistant of the Manager 
Lilo and Stitch
Hamster who wants Possesion of 626 Aliens 
Created by the Hamster 
Used to Work for the Hamster 
Treasure Planet
Captain of a Group of Space Pirates 
Crab-Like Figure 
Work for the Captain 
Home on the Range
Rustler who Hypnotizes Cows by Singing 
Bounty Hunter 
Triplets who work for the Rustler 
The Incredibles
Very Smart Inventor who wants to feel Special 
Used to work for the Inventor 
Created by the Inventor 
Meet the Robinsons
Bowler Hat who Wants Revenge against her Creator 
Used to the Team up with the Bowler Hat 
Miniture Version of the Bowler Hat 
Racing Car who Cheats to get First Place 
High-Tech Lemon who wants to Help Old Models of Cars by Destroying Newer Ones 
Works for the High-Tech Lemon 
Used to be the Head Chef of a popular Resturant 
Used to be a Difficult Critic 
Shuts down a popular Resutraunt for it's Rat Infestation 
Dosn't want to be Shut Down; Refuses to return the Axium to Earth 
Work on the Axiom 
Captain of the Axiom [Not an Antagonist, but Wall-E has limited Antagonists] 
Fossil Hunter; Developed Collars that could make Dogs talk 
Dog who works for the Fossil Digger 
Henchmen of the Fossil Digger 
The Princess and the Frog
Dark Voodooman who wants Money 
Shadow Figures who work for the Voodooman  
Used to Work for a Prince 
Kidnaps a Baby because of her Hair; Wants to stay Young 
Twins who want Money 
Trying to Capture the Outlaws 
Antagonists who are Alone in their Movies
The Aristocats; A Butler who wants to Inherit a Cat's Fortune 
Finding Nemo; A Young Girl who wants a Pet Fish, but can't ever keep it alive 
The Three Little Pigs; Wants Pigs for Dinner 

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