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Can you name the Disney protagonists who first appeared as kids in the begining of their movies?

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Them as little kidsDisney ProtagonistMovie
Mocked by grown 'woman' as a baby due to disproportional ears.
Had trouble standing when he was just born, he was 'kinda wobbly'.
After the death of her mother, her father remarried but died himself soon after, so she was stuck with her stepmother and stepsisters.
She was given four gifts as a baby: 'Looks, Song, A Curse and a way to Combat it'.
A young 'lady' who made trouble for her 'Dear and Darling' by keeping them up all night.
Orphaned as a baby and raised by the 'pack'.
His mother was killed but he was found by a new 'Big Mama' and given to an old woman.
He was living as a prince, but his father died so he went into hiding.
The son of high gods, he was kidnapped as a baby and became a 'human'.
Them as little kidsDisney ProtagonistMovie
Orphaned as a baby, he grew up among 'monkeys'.
A lost egg that travled across distant lands to reach a forest that was populated by lemurs.
Dreamed of adventure and action in the search for the greatest treasure, until his father left and never came back.
He lost his mother when he was still an egg from a baracuda attack, and grew up with a 'lucky fin'.
His mother gave him up to an orphanage because she coudn't keep him, and he grew up to be an inventor.
Grew up in a pet store, and adopted by a young girl. They both eventually grew up to be young actors.
Fascinated with adventure to foreign lands in the air when he was young, he fell in love with a girl who shared his dreams of one day going on those adventures.
She always loved to cook, and she had a dream of one day opening a resturaunt. But before she could do that, she had to go on one 'anphibious' adventure.
When she was a baby she was kidnapped form her royal parents because of her magical hair. She grew up in a tower. With a chameleon and an old hag.

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