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To evolve Lampent into Chandelure, a ______ is needed. 
______ is the pre-evolved form of Miloctic 
In Unova, to evolve Magneton or Nosepass, level them up in ___________ 
_______ is the Water Evolution of Eevee 
Yanma must learn ________ before it can evolve into Yanmega 
The most common evolution level for Starter Pokémon into their Second Evolution is Lv. __  
A ________ is required to evolve Pikachu 
Haunter is evolved by ________ 
Gloom evolves into two different Pokémon by using either a _______ or a _______, depending on which Pokémon you want (Name One) 
Chansey is evolved when it's _______ is increased to a certain point 
Water and _______ are Quagsire's types 
Umbreon is the first known ______ type 
Pidgey, Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly and Pidove are all examples of _______ and ______ Pokémon (Name One)  
Pokémon that are more than one type are called ________ Pokémon  
__________ and ________ are the only Pokémon that have the ability to become any type (Name One) 
The Power Plant in Kanto house mainly __________ Types 
___________ is a cavern that can be found in every Region, and is known to contain a variety of different types 
Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno can be easily identified as Fire, Electric and ice types based on the words, ______, ______ and ______ in their names (Name One) 
Medicham is a ________ and _______ Type (Name One) 
The traditional Starter Pokémon Types are _______, _______ and _______ (Name One) 
Famous Trainers
________ is a Gym Leader in Hoenn that has a Torkoal 
Cynthia's Dragon-Type Pokémon is __________ 
The four Types used in the Unova Elite Four are ______, _______, _______ and _______ (Name One) 
The Ghost-Type Elite Four in Kanto is ________ 
_________ is a Gym Leader in Sinnoh that has a Lucario 
Brock's Pokémon Team in Kanto consists of ______ and _____ (Name One) 
In Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, the first Gym Leaders all have _____-Type Pokémon  
In Unova, Alder's strongest Pokémon is __________ 
The Mossdeep City in Hoenn, the Gym Leaders own a ______ and a _____ (Name One) 
Falkner is a Gym Leader in Johto that uses _______-Type Pokémon  
Legendary Pokémon
The Griseous Orb is required to awaken _______ 
Most of the strongest Legendary Pokémon are ______-Type Pokémon  
Victini's signature move is __________ 
Using Mew's DNA, Scientists were able to create _______ 
The Legendary Bird Pokémon that can most likely be found in Johto are ________ and _______ (Name One) 
The Time-Traveling Pokémon is called ______ 
__ is a boy who tried to use the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom (Reshiram) to force all the trainers in thw world to release their Pokémon 
Dialga's signature move is __________ 
The Third Legendary Dragon Pokémon in Unova is _______ 
________ is a Pokémon that causes Nightmares 
Dragonspiral Tower is located in the ______ Region 
_______ is the town that Professor Samuel Oak resides in in Kanto; It is also the birthplace of the famous trainer Red 
The ______ Region is famous for its vast volcanic range 
______ is a mysterious cavern found in the Johto Region, and can only be accessed by the strongest of trainers 
Coordinators from all over the world come to ______ in Sinnoh to partake in it's popular Pokémon Contests 
Located in Unova, _______ is a well known film company, and many of their greatest works star famous actor and former gym leader Brycen 
Every Region consists of ____ gyms total 
The _____ is a famous resort where trainers venture to find rare Pokémon. There is one in every Region 
Sinnoh is a prime vacation spot due to it's immense amount of _____ 
Located in Johto and Sinnoh, one can discover antient _____ that traditionally house the mysterious Pokémon species Unown 

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