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Forced Order
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22nd February 1732
30th October 1735
13th April 1743
16th March 1751
28th April 1758
15th March 1767
11th July 1767
9th February 1773
5th December 1782
24th November 1784
29th March 1790
23rd April 1791
2nd November 1795
7th January 1800
23rd November 1804
29th December 1808
12th February 1809
27th April 1822
4th October 1822
5th October 1829
19th November 1831
20th August 1833
18th March 1837
29th January 1843
28th December 1856
15th September 1857
27th October 1858
2nd November 1865
4th July 1872
10th August 1874
30th January 1882
8th May 1884
14th October 1890
27th August 1908
6th February 1911
9th January 1913
14th July 1913
29th May 1917
12th June 1924
1st October 1924
6th July 1946
19th August 1946
4th August 1961

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