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Forced Order
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Son of Poseidon
Daughter of Athena
Son of Jupiter
Son of Hephaestus
Daughter of Aphrodite
Son of Mars
Daughter of Pluto
Son of Hades
Daughter of Hades; Hunter
Daughter of Bellona
Her sister; Amazon
Daughter of Zeus; Hunter
God of the Sky
God of the Sea
God of the Underworld
Goddess of Wisdom
God of the Forge
Messenger of the Gods
Goddess of Love
God of War
Goddess of War
Goddess of the Harvest
God of the Sun
Goddess of the Hunt; Moon
Son of Athena
Son of Hephaestus
Son of Hephaestus
Daughter of Hephaestus
Son of Hermes
Son of Hermes
Son of Hermes
Son of Hermes
Daughter of Aphrodite
Daughter of Aphrodite
Daughter of Aphrodite
Son of Venus
Son of Aphrodite
Daughter of Ares
Daughter of Demeter
Daughter of Demeter
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo
Daughter of Apollo
Son of Apollo
God of Wine
Son of Dionysus
Son of Dionysus
Son of Bacchus
Daughter of Hecate
Son of Orcus
Goddess of Misery
God of Dreams
Goddess of Night
Goddess of Magic
God of Sleep
God of Healing
Goddess of Hygiene
Goddess of Victory
Goddess of Luck
Goddess of Youth
Goddess of Sea Monsters
Goddess of Sea Storms
Goddess of Rainbows
Goddess of Revenge
God of Doorways
Goddess of Flowers
God of the Dead
God of Fear
God of Panic
God of the Weather
Goddess of Snow
God of the Wild
Titan of Time
Mother Titan
Titan of the West
Titan of the East
Titan of the South
Titan of the North
Goddess of the Earth
God of the Sky
Giant to face Zeus
Giant to face Poseidon
Giant to face Hades
Giant to face Athena
Giant to face Hephaestus
Giant to face Aphrodite
Giant to face Hermes
Giant to face Ares
Giant to face Dionysus
Giant to face Dionysus
Giant to face Hecate
Giant to face the Fates
Giant to face Apollo and Artemis
Goddess of Marriage
Gold King
His Son
Handsome Man
Best Hero
First Monster
Turn to Stone
Child of Medusa
Child of Medusa
Old Ladies
Mrs. Dodds
Snake Women
Seal People
Genius Inventor
His Son
Genius' Nephew
Evil King
She has String
Her Mother
Bad Cyclops
Child of Nemesis
Percy's Mom
Percy's First Stepdad
Percy's Second Stepdad
Annabeth's Dad
Jason and Thalia's Mom
Leo's Mom
Piper's Dad
Frank's Mom
Hazel's Mom
Gleeson Hedge's Wife
Her son
Nico and Bianca's Mom
Reyna's Father
Eyes on You
Smart Harpy
Blind Man
Son of Janus
Her Father
Spawn of Gaea and Poseidon
God of the Pit
Poseidon's Wife
Her Son
Fish Ponies
Son of Iris
Son of Hypnos
Fast Horse
Wind Spirits
Mother of Monsters
Father of Monsters
Smelly Feet
Hundred Hands
Metal Dragon
Cloven Elder
Cloven Elder
Cloven Elder
Aquarium Guy
Leo's Relative
God of Love
Goddess of the Hearth
River God
God of the North Wind
God of the South Wind
God of the West Wind
Goddess of Hope
Goddess of Chaos
God's Cup Bearer
Goddess of Ghosts
Goddess of Plenty
God of Boundaries
God of Farming

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