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In the episode H.Con 172, Charlie picks the President up a map that was drawn in 1709. Why does everyone tell the President that he can't hang the map in the White House?
After being shot at Rosslyn, what sound does Josh associate music with?
Why does Josh have to cover for CJ in her Press Briefing in Season 1?
What does President Bartlet say his job is to the woman on the Butterball Hotline?
Who rips Sam Seaborn a new one on the TV Show Capital Beat?
In Season 1, Toby says that President Bartlet is scaring the crap out of this person, which he didn't think was possible.
Josh invents this for the President when he does the Press Briefing.
CJ puts these in Will Bailey's jacket pocket.
What is the name of Will Bailey's stepsister who makes a living writing jokes?
Sam tells CJ that he is nuts for this.
When the West Wing crashes with a visiting group of High School Students, Josh tells them full pieces of legislation were pushed through on what snack?
Which reporter in the press room, like President Bartlet, graduated from Notre Dame?
In the episode The Portland Trip, what does Toby order for dinner on Air Force One?
Why is CJ ordered to go on the Portland Trip by President Bartlet?
In the episode Election Night, Charlie tells Anthony Marcus, 'I'm not Officer Krupke, I have a job.' What question does Anthony ask him?
What does Toby do when he wants Sam/Will to come into his office?
How far from the Oval Office is Toby's office?
In the Pilot episode, what does Josh tell Mary Marsh her God is too busy being indicted for?

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