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The first day of the year.
MLK's Birthday.
What George Washington's birthday is more commonly known as.
Honors the United States' fallen veterans.
Honors the United States' living veterans.
The official name for the 4th of July.
A day off for all workers, unofficially the end of summer.
Celebrates a certain explorer who sailed in 1492.
The official name for turkey day.
The day Christians believe Jesus was born.
An eight day long Jewish holiday.
This holiday determines whether Spring will come early or there will be 6 more weeks of Winter.
Cupid, candy, flowers, hearts.
Shamrocks, leprechauns, Irish.
A day to play tricks on people.
The day when Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead. Also celebrated with egg hunts.
A day used to promote environmentalism.
The day Americans celebrate Mexico's independence.
Often celebrated by trick or treating.
Celebrated to honor Fathers and Mothers.
The 9th month of the Islamic calendar.
A week-long celebration of African heritage.

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