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LyricsMissing WordSong
So now we fly ever free, we're free before the _____
Rise above the universe tonight, star _____
Marching on to _____ we fight, the fire still burns
Reaching for the _____ deep inside, on through the night
Fight for the truth and the _____ gloria!
Final stand my life must carry on, and _____ this time
Feel the breakdown of my _____ set me free
Fly away down the lonely roads of _____
Far away will our eyes now see the day, for today the everlasting _____ sun
One day we'll find a way and a _____ to survive
LyricsMissing WordSong
Wherever you go we will be by your side, for the spirit of _____ will carry the night
Falling down, my life fading now to the end, one last chance of _____ in my heart again
_____ my eyes, burning forever to wash my sins away, out of the dark pain is the price
On the wing of death by the hands of _____ by the darkest light from the darkest moon
For victory we ride, fury of the _____
In the flames of Hell we _____ at will, the fire of doom has come
Forever torn apart from the haunting fears of my _____
Still blinded with the fire inside, once alone again the silence stands for our last _____ home
One _____ in all of us still shining, one star the everlasting light
Now we are defenseless in a land where _____ rule

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