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Forced Order
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What does C3PO say in reaction to the droid look-alike he meets in the hallways of Cloud City?
Which asset does Westley chide Inigo and Fezzick for not mentioning
How many times does Westley say 'As you wish'?
How much money does Inigo promise Miracle Max?
Who played the Ewok Wicket in 'The Return of the Jedi'
What does Raziel say after Willow turns her into a goat?
What does Madmartigan say when he sees Raziel as a goat?
What does Willow tell his son that he hates?
Where does Luke want to go to 'waste time with his friends'?
Luke tells C3PO that he probably can't help unless he can . . .?
For which actor was 'The Princess Bride' their debut role?
What does C3PO say when he sees something off in the distance after he has parted ways with R2D2 on the deserts of Tatooine?

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