Ultimate Survivor Contestant Trivia Game

Can you name the Survivor contestants from the hints?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
'Poster child for weak Survivor.'
The editors spoiled that this contestant made the merge by showing her face in the background of the intro shot of a contestant on the opposing tribe.
Said she would be a bitch, laugh when people cried, and own it; never engaged in a single open confrontation.
The first runner-up to receive less than three jury votes.
This mortician was the subject of a trivia question on All-Stars.
Is That Girl.
Was voted off one episode before Chet Welch.
This male, first on S13, flipped from a blue tribe to a red tribe to align with the player holding the HII.
The first contestant to propose splitting votes to flush a Hidden Immunity Idol.
Commented on another contestant's 'premature evacuation.'
Could maybe be siblings with another contestant in a parallel universe one millennium from now when deceased.
Received only one confessional in her last five episodes and none in her last three.
Said the members of his tribe were like 'legless chickens running after sleek weasels.'
The first person to quit the game post-merge.
Sent in an audition tape for the season immediately after his own, because he wanted to come back until he won.
The first person to be voted off despite having received less than half of the votes.
'My two year old did that one time. I whooped its ass and put it back to bed.'
The first male to be voted out first.
Had a hard time eating a pig snout in one challenge.
The first contestant to make finals and receive less than two jury votes.
The first player to have a vote cast against them by somebody with the same name (last name needed)
First contestant whose name contained a dash.
Was the first person to be voted out in a re-vote after a tie.
Won twice.
Killed something, y'all!
Interrupted himself during a confessional to point out a flying fish in the background.
Afraid of leaves yet is one of the most widely respected Survivor players.
In a season with one tribe swap, was one of only two people from his/her tribe to not change tribes and then make the merge. The other was the winner.
This female contestant's incredible expressiveness became a running joke on the Funny 115 2.0.
Voted out directly after a swap in which each tribe stole the two strongest members of the other tribe.
Was a member of an 'older' tribe despite being only three months older than a member of a 'younger' tribe the same season.
Referred to by a nickname they had on a tattoo.
Male first boot from a red tribe.
Gigi Restaurant and Lounge
Stripped for chocolate and peanut butter. Did not play on a second season.
The only Galu member who made it to the merge with previous votes.
Another contestant said of this player, 'His problem is that he's trying to do strategy on his own.'
The first original La Mina member to be voted out.
Golden boy.
First person to be eliminated due to past votes despite nobody at their boot TC having voted for them in the past.
Cast a vote against somebody who blamed his own alliance.
This contestant's last name has 4x as many letters as their first name.
Has a podcast.
Tested the finalists on how much they knew about her.
'It's easy to win with grace and dignity. It's much harder to lose with the same grace and dignity.'
Gave the first jury speech/question in Survivor history.
Emphatically pleaded to Sir God for a break in torrential downpours.
Mother Africa.
First contestant who was born in the 1950s.
First person to win with 0 votes cast against them.
The first contestant to successfully ask to be voted off.
A finalist, nobody voted for or against this contestant throughout all 39 days.
Magician's assistant.
This male was never on a tribe.
This pre-merge boot shares his name with the first boot of the season before his.
This pre-merge female was referenced by name in a later season's Tree Mail.
The first contestant to be eliminated after a deadlocked tie.
Jumped off a cliff in a challenge despite being unable to swim.
Merge boot of Fiji.
Medically evacuated at the merge.
U.S. Army Sergeant who got sick very early on and was unable to recover.
Second medevac.
Eliminated after the famous 'coconut chop' Immunity challenge.
Full first name is 'Jesusita.'
Shares his or her first name with two people from the next season (last name needed).
Survivor's first Asian male.
Came from the same hometown as Sue Hawk.
The third of five consecutive California natives to be voted off.
As a juror, asked a finalist about their sex life.
Water shoes.
Won despite being the only member of her tribe left at the final six.
Grandmaternal poultry decapitation.
Loved one's name was Annie.
Confidently declared that she thought the majority alliance would split their votes.
Equates his temple to a car.
Another contestant complained about wanting to smack this contestant with an oar.
Was there. We all were there.
Used her blazing speed to win the hell out of the game.
Jeff Probst actually interrupted this person during his/her jury speech to say 'Give him (the finalist) a chance to answer'.
One player cast a throwaway vote against this contestant due to a promise with the eliminated contestant. Otherwise, nobody ever voted against or for him.
Compared another contestant to 'Jon Bon Jovi in his prime.'
This female's first and last name together are only six letters long.
Sheep farmer.
Post-show, founded 'Reality Rally' to raise money for a breast cancer resource center.
Gave an impassioned jury speech about the validity of subtle social play as opposed to brazen aggression.
Has hosted several shows on The History Channel since Survivor.
This female's occupation title was 'boxer.'
Controversial 'just put all the firewood right by the shelter' strategy shockingly led to the shelter burning down.
First amputee contestant.
Big Bird.
Nearly asphyxiated another outside of a designated area in which physical contact was allowed; blamed the regulations.
The first contestant who played on two seasons and was not voted out in either of them.
Voted off after a serious bicep injury in a Reward Challenge.
Lies; also, however, tells the truth, sometimes, too.
Has the same birthday as Becky Lee.
Jeff Probst's favorite first boot. For some reason.
Wanted to quit the game, but then immediately wanted to stay following a tribal swap.
World champion of Super Smash Bros. Melee.
The first 10th placer to be both the merge boot and first juror.
Has a problem with recall.
First blindside of season eighteen.
Voted out in the episode 'It's Funny When People Cry.'
Urinated on someone's hand.
The first person to lose a firemaking challenge at the final four.
Eliminated after a deadlocked tie with somebody who would later be eliminated in a deadlocked tie.
Experienced love at first sight.
The first person to ever come back into the game after being voted out.
This female, first on S13, flipped from a blue tribe to a red tribe to align with the player holding the HII.
The first person to win the final Immunity challenge and also the season.
The first female victim of the car curse.
Founded a charity that was inspired by a reward trip.
Gay contestant who dated the winner of a previous season.
The only person who was not awful on stilts in a challenge.
This female remained on a red tribe after a swap and was voted out the same round.
Spent hours fashioning a work of sculptural beauty that was cruelly, carelessly tossed into a fire by Jeff Probst. Also, does not want words.
The first contestant to only be a member of two tribes despite playing on multiple seasons.
This contestant, voted out in 8th place, voted in the majority only one time.
Broke the tribal Immunity Idol.
Another contestant claimed that this female was seducing her tribemates with her 'diabolical Mexican mind.'
Jeff Probst said that this contestant's evacuation was the scariest moment he had ever had on Survivor.
Gave an opponent advice regarding gambling during a voting confessional.
Does not know what a pick is.
First vegetarian contestant.
Said Coach had an ego 'bigger than Brazil.'
The first contestant to attend multiple Tribal Councils and receive multiple votes at each one.
This male contestant from Cook Islands did not receive a confessional in half of the episodes he was in.
The franchise's first Asian-American winner.
The first female contestant to receive 20th place.
First person to be voted off by somebody whom they had voted out of the game.
First contestant to exit the game on Day 5.
Brought a large American flag which was used to win a reward challenge.
Voted out by a 3-1 vote immediately before the F10 merge. (And is not Dan Barry.)
The second boot from her merge tribe but received only four votes.
Was unsure of the destination to which his or her tribe would not be returning.
'Across the lake you see so well / There lies a sandy crater / The object hidden in its floor / Will surely help you later'
Smacked another contestant into a boat, then offered them parenting advice.
Was voted out in the episode entitled 'Assumptions'.
This 30-year-old, draconian contestant had already founded a company and sold it for $60 million prior to Survivor.
This Christian's not for sale.
First contestant in Survivor history to get removed from a challenge for inappropriately harming another contestant.
First contestant to win Individual Immunity multiple times and the game.
Unbeknownst to production, this male already knew another contestant from his tribe at the start of the game.
Voted out second. Only received votes from the eventual final five.
Has had it up to here.
The only member of the Heroes vs. Villains cast to place better than they ever had before.
The first contestant to be voted off of Survivor.
On average, has played more days per season than anyone else in Survivor history.
First contestant to be given a Hidden Immunity Idol.
The first person to lose a firemaking challenge.
Asked the two finalists in his season who from his tribe would have made finals.
Received the nickname 'Mom'.
Criticized the finalists for being boring in his jury speech.
Sex kitten.
Oldest winner.
Attended ONLY the second, fourth, and fifth Tribal Council in her season.
Received less jury votes than Courtney Yates when both were finalists.
Effectively quit on day 38.
Bob Barker shirt.
Has a daughter who wants to be a doctor.
The first male Moto to be voted out.
Tossed an Immunity Idol into the ocean due to confidence in his relationships. Was voted out that same episode.
Voted off in the episode 'Surprise And... Surprise Again!'
First contestant to win Individual Immunity before the merge.
Is not an answer to any other question on this quiz.
The first male contestant to be given Individual Immunity.
Her last name is 'Durousseau.'
Holds the record for most consecutive challenge victories.
Served in the American branch of the U.S. military.
Eliminated in episode five after receiving votes in three of four attended Tribal Councils.
Insignificant, even embarrassing, in challenges.
When voting for this contestant at his boot Tribal Council, another contestant's voting confessional was simply '**** you.'
Only male contestant to make the merge without winning a single tribal Immunity Challenge.
At her first Tribal Council, made a joking reference to the 'snakes and rats' speech in a voting confessional.
Fresh Prince.
First name is the same as someone's from season 22, last name is a homonym of someone's from season 12.
Officially quit, but is considered by Probst more of a psychological medical evacuation than a quit.
This contestant was guaranteed to be on the Have-Not tribe as punishment for being good at constructing a shelter.
Also appeared on the reality TV series 'Solitary'.
The first person to last 39 days and receive no jury votes.
'American Immunity Idol'.
Allegedly received one vote in a tied vote that was not shown on television.
Smacked in the ass by his loved one.
This winner received multiple votes at the first Tribal Council, and no more after that.
Broke the bank.
Broke Ethan's record for the youngest male winner.
Christian radio host.
Noted the differences between the hood and the wood.
The first male contestant from South Carolina.
Survivor's only Muslim contestant.
Is a landscaper, and nothing else.
Was voted out after the first contestant in Survivor history gave away Individual Immunity at Tribal.
Alliterative first boot.
The only other male with whom this contestant shares his name received the same place. Of the two, this contestant played first.
Professed to have 'Jesus of Nazareth powers.'
Belittled the challenge skills of another contestant who would later win the season's first post-merge Immunity in this contestant's boot episode.
Pancake dance.
Ran out of matches during a firemaking challenge... what the ****?
After this person was voted out, six more people from his or her original tribe were voted out in a row.
'Fan favorite' whose game was ended by an ankle injury.
Was presumed by other contestants to be able to identify different types of prunes.
Had a very energetic appearance on The Price Is Right.
Holds the record for becoming the highest ranking member of a certain gender of a tribe in the quickest time.
Mashed potatoes.
Was voted out first. Cast her vote against somebody who shared food with her.
The first contestant who was voted out after only ever receiving one vote. (Also, has the same birthday as Ken Hoang.)
Has never played a damn sport in her life anyhow; should just shut up.
Complained about being on the less attractive tribe.
Successfully voted a contestant out and then gave his or her jury vote to that contestant in the same season.
The second male to be voted off of Survivor.
Wishes to know whether you have engaged in carnal activity in an educational setting.
The first person to be eliminated despite having never had a vote cast against them.
Got lost before a challenge. Claimed to be 'looking for a Popeye's or somethin.''
Lambasted another contestant for their offensive remarks about a member of the opposing tribe.
The first person to receive votes from original tribemates immediately upon merging.
Had two serious ankle injuries during the course of the game but still was one round away from making the merge.
'We don't need Rich, we've got SuperPole.'
Second contestant to be voted out 3-2 right before the merge.
The first person alphabetically to be on multiple seasons.
Revealed at the reunion that he was going to name his daughter after a tribemate.
Won Immunity, then Reward, then lost Immunity and was voted out in fifth.
Was compared to Cleopatra.
FBI Agent.
Was voted out in the episode 'The Twist'.
Strapless blue dress.
Had played the game for more days than any other contestant after the original All-Star season.
Was the only contestant who applied to season fourteen.
Was compared to Derek Zoolander by another contestant.
Her name is the name of somebody from the next season but spelled backwards.
Was voted off in 19th place with 6 votes on their first season.
This female was voted out in the double Tribal Council episode of Cook Islands.
This male married and had a child with a tribemate from his first season.
Not skilled at flammable archery.
Sucks at life.
Asked the finalists to choose a number between 1 and 1000.
First and last name both start with the same three letters.
The first person to be voted out because his or her original tribe threw a challenge.
The final victim of the first 'Pagonging'.
Voted out in the episode 'The End Of Innocence'.
Every Individual Immunity in this contestant's season was won by a male, until the final one, which she won.
Swore loyalty to her alliance on an invisible Bible.
Accused of smuggling beef jerky.
The first member of the Onion alliance voted out.
Had the same first name as a female on the subsequent season, Fiji.
Regularly complained about the poor strategic skills of the rest of his tribe despite being directly responsible for his tribe's downfall.
Last name starts with 'Ll'.
Fond of popcorn and Treasure Island.
The first contestant to receive 0 votes against and then win unanimously.
The first contestant to be voted out on Day 11.
Had their name written down the most in the first All-Stars season.
Drew a gun on a ballot while voting for a contestant who had been shot.
This pre-merger has the same name as a Gym Leader from Pokemon.
Brooke Struck. (...I got nothin' for this one.)
Was cast for the season directly preceding hers. Had to drop out but was told she could return for any future season. Returned for the next one and was voted out first.
Proposed to his fiance during the loved ones visit.
Exchanged a functional fishing mask for the crucial knowledge that fish inhabit water
Received no confessionals in the first four episodes despite receiving votes at all TCs attended during those episodes.
Did not know how to type.
Made the merge despite being twice as old as the next-oldest member of his tribe.
Was supposed to pretend to have difficulty with a challenge. Failed to do so, costing her tribe and leading to her being voted out.
Believes the mere presence of a visage outweighs shoddy craftsmanship and materials and thus grants probable legitimacy.
Did not receive a video from home, but has made up for that in controversial videos post-show.
Has selective sympathy regarding stolen spirits.
This contestant's loved one sneaked them a candy bar during the loved ones challenge.
According to polls on CBS.com, this contestant is the most popular in the show's history.
Won the final five Immunity by solving a puzzle that said 'GUARANTEED FINAL FOUR.'
This openly gay contestant won the most Individual Immunity challenges in his season.
First contestant to play the game while under the age of 21.
Had never seen Survivor, was recruited, and was its first unanimous winner.
Gets along very well with shopkeepers.
WWE female.
Overcame an abusive upbringing to launch a highly successful R&B career.
The producers did not know that this individual did not have piercings.
Is a bird; consequently, must fly.
Assistant manager and assistant buyer for one of the high-end retail stores in Chicago.
First Mormon winner.
The last male contestant to be voted out post-merge and not make the jury.
Sued Mark Burnett, claiming that the show was rigged -- case was settled out of court.
Voted out in 9th place right before the merge.
First person to be voted out immediately after the merge but still be a juror.
Dated Mary.
The first Favorite to be voted off over a Fan.
Explicitly refused to give his tribemates advice on constructing the shelter; consequently, was voted out first.
Mentioned Jeff Probst by name in their first confessional of the season.
Bit a shark.
Is a principal, not a math teacher.
Was the subject of another contestant's 'clairvoyant' dream.
The dragon's bride.
Is the head viper, viper queen, snake of the tribe, evil demon, and beast, according to one of her tribemates.
Voted out first after pulling a practical joke.
Has played more cumulative days than any other Survivor contestant.
Female police officer who was voted out for being seen as the weakest member of her tribe.

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