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QUIZ: Can you name the Things That End in Lis?

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US State Capital 
US State Capital 
A Chain of Large Cities 
Where the Parthenon is Located 
The Northern Lights 
A Venereal Disease 
Group of Elements Including Cesium and Sodium 
Indian Plants, or the Perfumes Made From Them 
Pupal Stage of Butterflies 
Grab Bag
Superman's City 
Ancient Greek Word Meaning Cemetery 
French Heraldry Symbol 
Actor Known for The Shield or The Thing 
Interwoven Wood or Metal to Support Climbing Plants 
Medieval Castle Entrance 
Places to Purchase Lunchmeats 
Small Pasta Cases, often with Filling 
Fried Pastries with Cream Filling 
French White Wine 
Thick Sauce of Puréed Vegetables or Fruits 

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