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A reaction in which an aromatic compound can undergo alkylation or acylationFrench, American
Physical constant equal to
5.67 x 108 W m-2 K-4
Austrian, Austrian
Inequality that states that the norm of the inner product of vectors x and y is less than or equal to the product of the norms of x and yFrench, German
1958 experiment that demonstrated that DNA replication is semiconservativeAmerican, American
Method for orthonormalizing a set of vectors in an inner product spaceDanish, German
Algorithm for putting a matrix into reduced row echelon formGerman, German
Relation that gives the slope of the coexistence curve between two phases of matter on a pressure-temperature diagramGerman, French
Effect that gives rise to anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background due to inverse Compton scattering of CMB photons off high energy electronsRussian, Russian
1922 experiment that demonstrated the quantization of angular momentumGerman, German
A differential equation whose solutions maximize or minimize a given functional; often used to find the equations of motion of a particleSwiss, Italian
In magnetostatics, the law that describes a magnetic field generated by an electric currentFrench, French
Mechanism by which energy can be extracted from a rotating black hole due to a strong poloidal magnetic fieldBritish, British
Biological principle that states that for a large population allele frequencies will remain constant from one generation to the next in the absence of perturbing effectsBritish, German
Equation relating the concentration of the substrate to the reaction rate in irreversible enzymatic reactionsGerman-born American, Canadian
Expression giving the entropy of a monatomic ideal gasGerman, Dutch
Conjecture that every computable function can be computed with a Turing machineAmerican, British
Relation that states the intrinsic luminosity of an elliptical galaxy scales as a power of its velocity dispersionAmerican, American

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