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Can you name the doubly eponymous science concepts?

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Iterative numerical methods for solving differential equationsGerman, German
Process for producing ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogenGerman, German
Paradox that says that a ball in 3-space can be broken into parts and reassembled into two identical copies of the original ballPolish, Polish
Low temperature state of matter made of weakly-interacting bosonsIndian, German-born American
1952 experiment using a T2 phage that confirmed that DNA was the genetic materialAmerican, American
Non-parametric, distribution free test that determines whether the variation between two datasets is significantRussian, Russian
Relation between the luminosity of spiral galaxies and how fast they rotateAmerican, American
A conjugate addition reaction of a conjugated diene to produce a cyclohexeneGerman, German
Approximation that a molecular wavefunction can be separated into electronic and nuclear partsGerman, American
Set of two partial differential equations that must be satisfied for a differentiable function to be holomorphicFrench, German
A non-finitely axiomatized version of set theory expressed in first-order predicate logicGerman, German-born Israeli
An equation used to find the equilibrium pH in acid-base reactionsAmerican, Danish
Diagram illustrating the relationship between the luminosity, spectral type, and temperature of starsDanish, American
1887 experiment that discredited the idea of a luminiferous aetherAmerican, American
Statistics that describe identical particles that obey the Pauli Exclusion PrincipleItalian, British
Nonlinear partial differential equations that describe fluid flowFrench, Irish

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