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Can you name the Stops on the Yamanote Line?

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Literal Translation of Station NameStation Name漢字
Eastern Capital東京
There is Fun Town有楽町
New Bridge新橋
Beach Pine Town浜松町
Paddy Town田町
Goods River品川
Big Peninsula大崎
Five Length Paddy五反田
Black Eye目黒
Lucky God of Fishermen恵比寿
Bitter Valley渋谷
Field Inn原宿
Generations Tree代々木
New Inn新宿
New Large Preserve新大久保
Literal Translation of Station NameStation Name漢字
Highfield Horsemarket高田馬
White Eye目白
Pond Sack
Big Mound大塚
Duck Nest巣鴨
Crowd of Colts駒込
Paddy Edge田端
West Dusky League西日暮里
Dusky League日暮里
Nightengale Valley鴬谷
Upper Field上の
Honorable Useless Town御徒町
Fall Leaf Field秋葉原
God's Paddy神田
Eastern Capital東京

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