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First 2 principal partsAorist formMeaning
absum, abessebe gone, be absent
abeo, abirego away
accido, acciderehappen
accipio, accipereaccept, receive, welcome
advenio, advenirearrive, (+ad) reach
ago, ageredo, act
agnosco, agnoscererecognize
amitto, amitterelose
appareo, apparereappear
aperio, aperireopen, reveal
audio, audirehear
cado, caderefall
First 2 principal partsAorist formMeaning
caveo, caverebeware
compono, componerearrange, mix
conspicio, conspicerecatch sight of
consumo, consumereeat, destroy
coquo, coquerecook
credo, crederebelieve/trust
cupio, cuperewant, desire
curro, currererun
dico, diceresay, tell
discedo, discederedepart, leave
disco, discerelearn
doceo, docereteach

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